Sunday, 10 November 2013


hello friends, today I want to talk about a brand known recently, but that struck me for its beauty and originality.

Muzungu Sisters manages to combine the personality and and the passions of the two founders , the Iranian Dana Alikhani and the Brazilian - Colombian Tatiana Santo Domingo.
Two friends united by a passion for travel and a deep sense of ethics with a touch of glamor , creating clothes that are inspired by the traditions of the peoples of the world.At Muzungsisters like to tell a unique story that you ggiunge an ethical value . All their products are largely absent with the utmost care , not to mention the human footprint , creating factories in places where execute, by whatever their creations.
In 2011 they launched this exclusive boutique along with the launch of POP-UP to London then to Madrid. Paris, Milan, Monaco , and partners around the world.
In April 2012 they started the first collaboration with Missoni and CB Made in Italy who have commissioned a limited colletion for the humanitarian organization SMALL STEPS PROJECT .

These girls are fantastic, not only for their creativity but also for their sensitivity to others .To learn about the world Muzungsisters and their creations go on


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