Sunday, 5 February 2017


Circus Hotel was opened in 2012 when Gaia Zattini designed his first collection playing with the model
and polka dots, stripes and graphic color blocks. These features influenced by circus imagery,
characterize the brand name, together with the idea of evolution continues from
Melting in every collection different essences coming from new places and travel.
Knitwear is the protagonist, cheerful and versatile, renewed jacquards, overmodern
inlay and daring work, playing with lines, colors and graphics.
In the second part of 2016 a new collection project has been developed to define
and improve the image of the brand in the market around the world while keeping intact the original for corporate identity .

The new Circus Hotel project starts
from the Spring Summer 2017 collection
presented at September 2016.
Together with the knitwear enriched
by the mixed of colors, lines and
patterns, the collection will evolve
to a total look.
A relevant tailoring part of the
collection will be introduced for the
first time
together with a significant number of
There will be two collections per year
and the brand will take part to the
most important fashion exhibitions of
Milan, Paris and Copenhagen.
Spring Summer 2017 Collection :
September 2016
Fall Winter 2017/18 Collection:
February 2017
White Inside Revolver Copenaghen:
August 12th / 13th 2016
White Milano:
September 24th/26th 2016
Tranoi Paris:
September 30th / October 3rd 2016
The new Circus Hotel project begins with the Spring Summer 2017 collection presented at
September 2016.
“The Age of Influence” is the theme of the collection where a feminine silhouette coming from
70’s jacquard pattern and lurex fabrics dresses is contaminated from bikers, sweatshirt and
t-shirts with strong graphic: Bipolar, Error, How to Hide your Insanity, dragon inspired by
the young&street style and the knitwear taken from 80’s punk years.
The strong contrasts and the absence of rules break the traditional schemes and convey the
image of a woman with a strong international breath. The collection keep its distinctive
stroke in the complexity knitwear working developing a total look. Creation in leather stolen
from the motorcycle world are mixed to knitwear & denim matched garments. The street jersey
series inherited from the previous collection are improved such us the beachwear and the underwear
recovered to finish a daily & relaxed look.
The soul of the collection is a
curious, traveler woman.
She absorbs the essence of every
country she meets, melting
everything in her personal flag.
She is a modern nomad, her style
is urban and sophisticated in
basic and spicy tones.
Colors and fantasy in her pockets.
Wanderlust is her motto, sky is
her roof. For information